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Why do Freemasons wear white gloves?

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Freemasonry often wear some white gloves, why do they wear white gloves


First of all, members of the Freemason will have a belief that "all are equal", that is, no matter where they come from, what kind of work they do, as members of the Freemason, they are all equal. Freemasonry believes that what matters is a person's inner qualities, not what kind of car the person drives or what kind of house he lives in. You might say "yes, that's fine, but why wear white gloves?" At first when Freemasons were first organized, they consisted of workers called operations or masons. Over time, as stone craft masonry began to decline, non-working or "opportunistic" masons were allowed to join the fraternity to continue its tradition and keep the fraternity alive. The main reason they wear gloves now is that, with gloves on, they won't be able to tell the difference in terms of the type of work one person does from another. Can you imagine how a typical mason's hand would look the same as a banker's lawyer's hand? White gloves allow Freemasonry to treat each member equally, regardless of his social status. And now in Freemasonry, we honor our past traditions by wearing white gloves and treating each other as equals in fraternity. In Massachusetts, only hotel officials wear white gloves and tuxedos during hotel meetings or special events. In other parts of the world, such as England, white gloves are mandatory for all members attending a cabin meeting. But one thing is for sure, wherever a Freemason travels, he will be treated as an equal in the clubhouse.

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