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Masons Masonic Cotton Gloves

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  • Origin of Freemasonry
    Origin of Freemasonry
    Freemasonry (English: Freemasonry), also known as the Beauty Society, the Rule Society, the Ruler Society, the Free Mason, Welfare Mason, etc., is a fraternal organization with clubs all over the world, with unique ceremonies and symbols, founded by England in the late Middle Ages. The regional maso
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  • Why do Freemasons wear white gloves?
    Why do Freemasons wear white gloves?
    Freemasonry often wear some white gloves, why do they wear white gloves? First of all, members of the Freemason will have a belief that "all are equal", that is, no matter where they come from, what kind of work they do, as members of the Freemason, they are all equal. Freemasonry believes that what
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  • The Freemason's Gloves
    The Freemason's Gloves
    Modern people mention gloves mainly because they can protect hands from cold and injury, so do you know that gloves also have a special symbolic meaning? Now let's take a look at the evolution of the white glove.It is not difficult to find in our daily life that old illustrations of working masons d
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