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When to wear gloves?

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Here are some tips about when to wear gloves:

1. When you are investing some guests to your feast or attending a feast, it is a manner to show your respect to the guests or to the host.

2. Nowadays, you can shake hands while wearing a pair of gloves. Because the gloves can paly as barrier to prevent that spread the germ and virus. Unless you are grating with someone who possess high social status. You’d better take your gloves off.

3. When you are enjoying your meal, it is better to take off your gloves and put it under table.

4. When you are sitting in front of the table, put your gloves on your lap and make your napkin cover it.

5. When you are wearing jewleries, your watch and gloves should be worn under your gloves. The bracelets can be put over the gloves. Or you can wear the gloves without the jewery, cause the gloves itself have decorative function.

6. When you are dancing, you should not wear the gloves. Because holding your partner’s hand can develop more intimacy.

7. Today the gloves are not only have the pratical function, but also can be used as a decorative product. If you are attending any official places, it is a good choice to wear gloves.

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