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Put on a pair of gloves, this is the iconic artistic handling of hand movements. But not all gloves are the same. In addition, the options have been expanded to improve performance and expand the selection of special cases. The following are the most common types of gloves we use in this field:

White cotton gloves

These are the classics that everyone expects in terms of artistic treatment. For decades, they have been regarded as the safest way to deal with artworks almost without exception. Cotton is non-reactive, and when a pair needs to be replaced, white gloves expose dust. These gloves will not leave fingerprints on objects. However, they may become entangled and lose hair on the subject. In addition, since the cotton core absorbs moisture from the skin, hand oil and sweat may come into contact with objects.

Powder-free nitrile gloves

These gloves are made of synthetic rubber copolymer and have white cotton gloves that are not installed. They are the best general glove choice, usually purple or blue. Like cotton gloves, they are not reactive and do not leave fingerprints, but unlike white gloves, they do not absorb moisture, block or shed hair. In addition, they provide a moderate grip and are useful when handling smooth objects.

Work gloves

Heavy, difficult to manage works may require these gloves to improve handling. Generally, these are used for sculpture or heavy furniture when nitrile gloves are not rugged enough.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Your professional art handler may use several highly specific gloves. However, no matter which glove you choose, it should always be kept clean, tear-free and suitable for the wearer.

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