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How to clean leather gloves

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How to clean the leather gloves

Leather gloves will definitely keep you warm in the cold winter. However, no matter how long the lifespan of leather gloves is, they will quickly become worn and worn if not carefully maintained. Generally speaking, the cleaning of leather gloves only needs to be gently wiped with soapy water. Do not soak them in water, otherwise it will cause great damage to the leather. Try not to expose the leather gloves to the sun or to any heaters, otherwise the leather will become more and more dry, and the elasticity and softness of the leather will gradually disappear.


If you mistakenly use rough cleaners, powder cleaners or organic cleaning solutions, etc., it will cause different degrees of damage to the leather. Generally speaking, a mild soap solution is sufficient for daily cleaning and maintenance (wet it with a rag and wipe it, never soak the leather in water to clean it). Leather cleaners found on the market also work well and contain lubricants to keep the leather itself soft. Tough dirt may be tackled with mild detergents or professional cleaning treatments.

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