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Are you still struggling to find the right pair of eczema gloves?

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First, for women with large hands, it can be difficult to find the right gloves. This is always the first thing they choose for glove inspection. This one is very stretchy so it doesn't feel like a hand strap when you put it on (most women's gloves are too tight to bear). Second is quality, these are checked twice. One for medium weight soft fabrics and the other for good stitch lengths. Flat stitches and a good stitch length allow fingers to be nimble rather than stiff or bulky. I usually use gloves to keep my hands wet in winter. I slathered on a generous amount of moisturizer before bed, put on gloves, and my hands recovered in the morning. I also sometimes wear them if my hands are cold when I work in front of the computer. They're the right weight of fabric, warm and not so thick that my fingers couldn't hit the wrong keys on the keyboard. I can see other uses for them in the future. Especially things that make your hands dry or dirty, such as dusting, vacuuming, or tidying. They also help add another layer under a pair of gloves.

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Second, I can wear them in the grocery store and protect my hands from the virus during this pandemic. I found other uses for them later, like my hands get cold easily, but I don't need leather gloves in the winter, nor during the warmer months. So we can keep a pair in our wallet. They work great when my hands are cold at the grocery store, especially in the fridge or produce section. It's warm enough, but not bulky. Also, I wear it on rainy days, especially if I'm going to hit a cold railing or doorknob. Also it's not as bulky as a knitted glove, and my hands are protected from cold weather and even the wet dirt on the railings. These gloves are easy to wash and dry without being too slippery to wear.

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