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tig softouch welding gloves

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Tig softouch welding gloves

 This is argon arc welding gloves,it’s a mosaic of two materials.The palm is made of grain cow leather and the wrist is made of cow split leather.The thumb design is wing thumb,which can be more flexible at work,it means holding item and operate easily.It is unlined to minimize the bulkiness of the glove and not impede mobility.These TIG gloves are sewn with KEVLAR® thread for higher seam strength and seam flame resistance. Some gloves are sewn with reinforced thumb strap for added durability.TIG gloves are 14 inch in length,(This extra long cuff offers wrist and forearm protection against contact heat while performing precision welding that requires the welder’s forearm to rest against the work piece.We can also provide goat skin leather for this gloves. Compared with cowhide leather gloves, goatskin leather glove is more durable and tough, while still maintaining the highest tensile strength.  Equally,Unlined for greater feel and dexterity.We have a certificate for this kind of gloves, which have been exported to more than 20 countries.


Cowhide,Cow split,Pigskin,Goatskin


Mainly heat insulation, wear-resisting, prevent splashing scald, block radiation, at the same time has a certain insulation performance,resistance to wear ,resistance to cutting,resistance to tear,resistance to heat conduction.


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