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  • Leather gloves:grain and split
    Leather gloves:grain and split
    Leather gloves are the oldest kind of gloves known to people, the first layer of cowhide, goat skin, pigskin and sheepskin, gloves are made of these leathers, and are not easy to be damaged, long service life and fine The processing makes the leather gloves comfortable to wear and grasps objects accurately. In addition, the leather gloves also have the advantages of good heat resistance and insulation properties. Top layer leather: the outermost layer of the leather, taken from the epidermis of the leather, this leather does not require any mechanical processing and trimming. Advantages of a top layer glove: dexterity, comfort, and precise grip. Split Leather: The inner layer of leather is obtained by splitting or removing the outer layer of genuine leather. Advantages of two-layer leather gloves: wear-resistant, suitable for dry and heavy manual labor.
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