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  • Drivers also use gloves in summer, aren't they afraid of heat?
    Drivers also use gloves in summer, aren't they afraid of heat?
    It is best to wear gloves while driving Not wearing gloves affects safety Whether it's cold or hot, we better need to bring a pair of gloves. Wearing gloves while driving will keep your hands comfortable. The push and pull force of both hands to turn the steering wheel is consistent, and the friction of the gloves can help us change directions in time. Prevent traffic accidents caused by too late to avoid. Not wearing gloves affects your health It is well known that under the influence of long-term vehicle vibration, people's conditioned reflex mechanism and nerve ending induction will become dull. The process of driving for a long time also makes the palms sweat frequently, and the sweat of the palms usually carries a lot of bacteria. At this point, you need a pair of soft and breathable gloves to protect your hands.
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