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  • What is the Tig welding gloves?
    What is the Tig welding gloves?
    The welders often wears tig welding gloves. Do you know what is it? First, we should know what is the Tig welding. Tig-welding is generally a hand-held welding torch and the other hand-held welding wire, which is suitable for manual welding of small-scale operations and repairs. Tig is inert gas shielded welding, commonly known as argon arc welding. The inert gas can be argon Ar or helium He. But argon id cheaper. So it is commonly used, so insert gas arc welding is generally called argon arc welding. So tig welding gloves is made of grain cowhide palm and split cowhide cuff and no lining. Its feature is better flexibility and dexterity.
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